About Us

Carol's Music Academy was founded by Carol Bishop in 1998. Carol has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education degree from Minot State University in the city of Minot, North Dakota. Her experience as a piano teacher is extensive, as it spans decades. She previously taught band and elementary music in public schools. Eventually, she decided to give one-on-one or private piano lessons on a full-time basis. Carol teaches both Traditional and Suzuki Methods.

Aside from Carol, there are two other highly experienced and capable teachers who are part of Carol's Music Academy. They are both based in Kansas.

LeeAnna Ross - who has a bachelor's degree in education from Hannibal-LaGrange University and a master's degree from Southwest Baptist Seminary - became part of Carol's Music Academy in 2012.

Meanwhile, Becky Thomas - who holds a bachelor's degree in music education from the Oklahoma Baptist University and a master's degree from Wichita State University - gives piano lessons part-time. She also happens to be a vocal music instructor at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in Kansas City.

Meet The Team
  1. Carol Bishop
    Carol grew up on a farm in North Dakota. During her elementary school days, her teachers noted that her main interest was music. Perhaps that was because she always offered to play the piano while other students stood around and sang. This was in place of recess in the bitter cold winter days. She also loved playing at church from 5th grade on; beginning on the piano and becoming the church organist during her 8th grade year. When she started college, she gave piano lessons on Saturdays for spending money. After college she found herself giving piano lessons in addition to whatever full-time job she held. It was a passion that never ceased. She loves to take a student from their first piano lesson to self-sufficiency in playing the piano. With a degree in music education, Carol also gives lessons in voice, music theory, or band instruments. Lessons can be at her home studio or wherever you live – via webcam.
  1. LeeAnna Ross
    LeeAnna grew up with parents that loved music. Her father played the trumpet and served as music minister in churches, so she was exposed to music and music appreciation at a young age. LeeAnna started taking piano lessons as an elementary student and continued them through college. She took music classes to minor in music education at Hannibal-LaGrange University. She enjoys watching students grow in music appreciation and love for playing the piano.
  2. Becky Thomas
    Becky is Carol Bishop’s daughter, so she grew up watching her mother give music lessons. Becky inherited he mother’s love for the piano. In 2017 when Carol was moving to Florida, Becky decided to accept some of the students who would have to seek out a new teacher and continue her work as a vocal instructor at Sumner Academy. She finds it very fulfilling to see students develop a love for music and continually improve their skills at the piano.