Carol’s Music Academy
Policies & Procedures
Effective 6-01-2019

_____ General Information: Weekly private lessons are offered in 30- 45- or 60-minute sessions, depending on the student’s age/level/instrument.
_____ At the Studio: Students are expected to arrive for lessons in a timely manner (five minutes early is recommended), with all required materials and music. Parents are requested to attend lessons with elementary students. Siblings may quietly wait in the living room. To discuss student progress, parents are welcome to talk with the teacher during the first five minutes of the student's lesson—but not afterward—in order to respect the next student's time slot.
 _____ Practice and Instrument:  Students are expected to practice at least five days a week. A proper instrument is vital to your student’s success. Pianos can be acoustic or electronic, but they must have at least 61 keys  (but ideally to 88 keys) (touch sensitive) and a damper (foot) pedal. Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year.
_____ Materials: Students are advised to use a canvas tote bag to carry books to and from lessons. The student will need to bring a 3-ring binder to their first lesson, which will be used to keep track of assigned pieces and practice suggestions/goals for each week.
_____ Calendar and Schedule: The tuition rates are determined based on a calendar of 42 yearly private lessons as well as four performance/recital opportunities, recital expenses, theory training, and more. The teacher uses the Santa Rosa County School District Calendar. The other unpaid weeks of the year are reserved for the teacher to take off as needed for extreme illness, teacher conference attendance, teacher performance conflicts, or teacher vacations (with advanced notice).
_____ Tuition and Payment: Students have the option of paying tuition in one of the two following methods. The tuition rates are shown in the table below.
(1) In equal monthly installments. Payments are due at the first lesson of each month. A late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month.
(2) OR in two large, equal installments. Payments are due September 1st and March 1st.

30 Minute Weekly Private Lessons           Monthly           Semester
                                                                                  $60                  $350
45 Minute Weekly Private Lessons
                                                                                  $90                  $520
60 Minute Weekly Private Lessons
                                                                               $120                   $700

IPayment can be given to the teacher at the first lesson of the month. Credit/Debit cards PayPal or Cash/app are accepted either online or at the beginning of a lesson.The teacher reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new academic year (September 1st).
_____ Summer Months: During the summer months, private students are still required to practice and take lessons. (Note there will be no lessons during the week of July 4 th and during scheduled teacher vacation weeks.) Weekly lessons will start on a new summer schedule starting the first week of June. Not only does the teacher feel strongly about continuing the student's musical education throughout the summer months, but the teacher's livelihood depends upon a regular income throughout the summer months because the tuition rate has been determined based on a 12-month calendar.
_____ Makeup Lessons: Due to the teacher's limited availability, makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed. However, if a student absence arises due to unforeseen situations such as an accident or family emergency and if the student indicates a desire for a makeup lesson, the teacher will try to accommodate a makeup. Makeup lessons are limited to three per year. Please be courteous to the teacher and fellow students by notifying the teacher at least 24 hours in advance regarding any known upcoming absences. If the roads are impassable due to weather or a student is contagiously ill but feels well enough to play, having a lesson via Skype or Facetime is an option for that week.

_____ Discontinuing Lessons: All students stop taking lessons at some point. Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure. For this reason, one month’s notice in writing prior to discontinuing lessons is required. Note: At the discretion of the teacher, students may be asked to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or if they show a lack of interest or difficult attitude.
watch for occasional texts & emails. They may feature practice tips, recognize student achievements, and announce the dates of studio events. Invoices are also sent via email.
 ∙ Studio Website: Visit www.http://carolsmusic to find teacher contact information, current studio policies and procedures, the studio calendar and much more.
Facebook Page: Students and parents are welcome to join the studio's Facebook page. Search for Carol’s Music. "Liking" this page allows students to interact with the teacher and other students while maintaining the privacy of each student's Facebook profile. ∙

___I hereby release Carol P Bishop and her spouse or representatives from all liability of injury, illness, property loss, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from studio activities. I agree to allow Carol’s Music Academy to take photographs/ video or audio recordings as well as quoted statements of me or my child for educational and/or promotional use without compensation. _

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